TF Standard PL, Rear Kick

TF Standard PL, Rear Kick

Thor Fitenss PL, Rear Kick is designed to offer effective and ergonomical glute and hamstring training.

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Thor Fitness PL, Rear Kick is designed to offer effective and ergonomically correct glute and hamstring training.

The machine works with a plate loaded weight arm that has a generously large foot plate for individualized foot placement. The upper body comfortably rests on a wide and soft chest supporting platform that has integrated handles for extra support and core rigidity. The frame of the machine is made in robustious steel that is painted in an elegant dark grey varnish, making the machine incredibly sturdy and stylish. The cushions are all clad in a thick and durable PVC-material that is super easy to clean and that keeps its fresh, newly bought look for a very long time.

This machine has been constructed with attention to detail in every aspect and it radiates a heavy-duty sense of quality. If you’re looking to invest in a high-end premium product, this is the perfect choice for you.


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